When to ask for a second date

By | April 19, 2009

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first date and things went great, but now you are probably wondering when you should ask for a second date. Warning to all, do not ask for a second date while you are on the first one or you’ll just look desperate and that’s not what you want.

A second date can be more nerve racking then the first one because you’ve now gotten to know each other and spiking up new conversations can be difficult. You may think the first date went great, but the other party may not have. It can be hard knowing when you should ask for a second date, but if you think things went great the only thing you can do is at least ask for a second. No harm can be done by at least trying.

When it comes to asking for a second date it’s usually advised to wait at least twenty-four hours, and you may get in luck and the other person will call you. If this happens and you are interested in that person then go for it, make plans to meet again.

If you haven’t heard from the other person though they may actually be waiting to hear from you, but it’s different to tell. The only way you can find out is by calling them. Now with the new age of computers and text messages many people turn to using them for asking someone out, but it may be better to actually call the person, it’s more personalized that way.

You’ve probably heard the rules before and followed them for many years, but not everyone is going to go by them. Most females feel that the male should be the first to call after a second date, and usually they do wait for the men to call. So if you are a male and you are interested in a second date give that lucky lady a call since she’ll probably not call you first.

Don’t be afraid of asking someone out on a second date, you’ve already gone on one and got to know them enough that you should start to feel comfortable with them. Give them a call, but don’t do it an hour after your first date, wait till the next day or a few days even then call and ask. The only way you’ll know if the other person is interested in you is by trying, so don’t chicken out and ask them on a second date, it could be life changing.

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