Best places to go on a blind date

By | June 2, 2009

Blind dates are quite a rage lately. With so many dating sites at your disposal, it is quite a challenge to meet an unknown person and expect him/her to be your prospective life partner. To combat the pressure of meeting a stranger, it is always a good option to visit him/her in a place where only the two of you can have lots of fun and engage in a meaningful conversation. The general norm to go on a blind date is a movie or a restaurant. But let us break the tradition and see what other places you can probably visit on a blind date.

Parks, Art galleries
First of all, learn to relax and try being your normal self so you can make the most out of the blind date evening. Places such as open-air concerts or a garden will set the mood for both of you and also helps you to avoid any silent moments because there will be so much happening around in places like these that there is less scope for silence. You will also have so many things to talk about. The main aim of a blind date is to know more about a stranger, and that happens only by conversing and these places are ideal; they give you enormous opportunity to open up. Fixing your dating venues such as these will definitely impress him/her.

Other option could be dance classes. You can team up with your date and have rather a wonderful experience. With the physical proximity created by dancing, you have the golden chance of looking into each other’s eyes and you can also analyze his/her body language and expressions as you enter into a cheerful conversation.

Be cautious though
It is important to select a public place, which is not very close to your residence, because the person you will be meeting is a total stranger. Do not take any chances on that and inform your friend or family before leaving, to be on a safer side. Now, do not let ghosts in your mind ruin the fun; it is a just a word of caution. Else your blind date could well turn out to be the moment of your life.

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